Sport played an important role in Christian's life. It helped him to switch off after school. As a child he loved to spend his time with swimming, tennis, and later acrobatic diving now days Spring Forest Qi-Gong.

Education, Work, Research and Teaching

Dr. Fekete went for the Bachelor in Computer Science as a software engineer.

In Fortune magazine Dr. Fekete read an article about Dr. Patrick Byrne and he was really impressed by him.

Patrick was at that time 37 years old and CEO of, a Salt Lake City company that sells excess inventory of items. Dr. Byrne received a doctorate in philosophy from Stanford, speaks six languages, is a three time cancer survivor, has a black belt in karate and in aikido and earned a huge amount before he was 30. It was a real impression to Dr. Fekete. They started to change email and Patrick gave guidance to Christian on how to live and create a magnificant life which can create value to the world. Patrick told him that it's a good thing to become familiar with investing so Christian started to dig for information in the area of the stock markets.

After each working day he constantly studied the American Stock Markets and, with his friends, invests on the New York Stock Exchange. Beside the research on the stock market he went to get a better understanding of how to manage an investment club, studied for the Professional Diploma in Management at the Open University (Euro-Contact).

Later at Rushmore University he specialized himself in long term investments on International Stock Markets and earned his Doctor Degree.

Dr. Fekete lives in Vienna, speaks 5 languages published books, articles all around the world and beside he made a quest on understanding what laws govern the Universe. Made research in many ologys like his studies in Metaphysics at Oxford University. Supports urban artists and makes paintings, drawings himself. Zen started to play an important role in his life.